nutribullet® Slow Juicer


Don’t let its compact size fool you, the nutribullet® Slow Juicer is equipped from top to bottom to handle major juicing. Its wide 3” feed chute fits larger quantities of produce, while its high-torque, low-speed motor and durable steel-tipped auger wring every drop of deep nutrition from your favorite fruits and veggies. It also features a no-drip spout that keeps your juice mixing until you’re ready to fill your glass. Added bonus? Its low and slow approach is very quiet – something the non-juicing members of your household are sure to appreciate.

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SKU NBJ50300

  • Includes:
  • (1) 150W Motor Base
  • (1) Juice Bowl with No-Drip Spout
  • (1) Grinding Assembly
  • (1) 24 oz Juice Container
  • (1) Pulp Container
  • (1) Screen-Cleaning Brush
  • (1) User & Recipe Guide
  • Specifications:
  • Dimensions - 7" x 6.25" x 17"
  • Weight - 11 lbs
  • Cord Length - 39.3"


Major crush.

Ultra-strong steel-tipped auger squeezes nutrient-rich juice out of the toughest fruits and vegetables.

Strong & steady.

High-torque, low speed motor takes the low and slow approach for delicious, healthy juice.

Less prep.

Wide-mouthed feed chute fits larger pieces of produce for less prep time on your part.

Nice & quiet.

Slower speed makes for quieter, gentler juicing (and mornings).

Easy to clean.

Designed for easy clean up: our no-drip spout and dishwasher-safe components take the chore out of juicing.

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nutribullet Slow Juicer FAQ.

Yes. The nutribullet® Slow Juicer is equipped to make nut milks.
No. A liquid ingredient is not required when juicing fruits and vegetables in the nutribullet® Slow Juicer.
Yes, you may juice into any glass or container that fits under the juicing spout. We do, however, recommend that you use the juice container included with the nutribullet® Slow Juicer, as it is specifically designed to limit potential messes.
A smoothie is a blended beverage made with solid and liquid ingredients: fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, water, milk, or plant-based beverages, etc. Smoothies are blended using a nutribullet® or traditional blender, and the finished product retains all of the material--skins, pulp, and fiber--of their whole food ingredients. A nutrient-rich smoothie may serve as a meal replacement or snack, and can help to boost your fiber intake for the day.

Juice is made by extracting nutrient-rich liquid from whole fruits and vegetables. Juicers separate the solid components of fresh produce--pulp, skin, fiber, etc--from their liquid content, which is then filtered through a spout and into a glass or pitcher for drinking. While juices do not contain fiber, they do provide concentrated amounts of plant-based nutrients. They’re great for a quick pick-me-up, and can help to add an extra boost of fruit and veggie goodness to your day.

A combination of fresh juices and smoothies can be great additions to a healthy, active lifestyle.
The nutribullet® Slow Juicer’s pulp container and juice container are made from durable, FDA approved, SAN (styrene acrylonitrile resin) plastic.