Home of our Bullet Blenders® -- nutribullet® and magic bullet® -- Bullet Brands®appliances are designed to make preparing fresh food fast, simple, and delicious. From smoothies to coleslaw to homemade baby food, our blenders and food processors tackle a huge array of culinary tasks with finesse, bringing a greater variety of wholesome, homemade options to your countertop every day.

All nutribullet and magic bullet products
All nutribullet and magic bullet products

Meet our Bullet Blenders®


With its iconic, ultra-powerful blenders, nutribullet® was the first to put nutrition extraction on the map. The original nutribullet®’s unique upside-down configuration, cyclonic action, powerful motor, and sharp blades were designed to turn the toughest ingredients into ultra-silky smoothies, allowing you to pack in your daily dose of veggies, fruits, and other super-nutritious foods quickly and deliciously.

Since its inception, nutribullet® has expanded to include a wide array of blending appliances and food processors, all with the purpose of making fresh, nutritious food easy to prepare and enjoy. Check out some of our best selling nutribullet® appliances below:

magic bullet®

We all know the kitchen is where the real magic happens, and at magic bullet®, we want you to let your creativity flow. For us, it’s not about perfect measurements or extreme precision, it’s about the remixes, substitutions, and happy accidents that make your dishes uniquely your own.

From personal blenders to compact food processors and beyond, our products provide an all-in-one assist to help you mix it up, whether you’re blending a juicy colada, throwing together a fire salsa, or mixing up some fresh whipped cream to top your sweetest treats. We’re not here to make sure you “get it right” – we’re here so you can let loose, mess around, and have lots of tasty fun along the way. That’s how you find your flavor. That’s magic bullet®.